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How to choose a suitable paper package for your products

January 7, 2022

Latest company case about How to choose a suitable paper package for your products

      You’ve got a great product, and now you need to attract customers and sell it. The way your product is packaged plays a surprisingly key role in how consumers respond to it. The right package not only attracts consumers but will also keep your product safe in transportation. When it comes to choosing the right materials to package your products, you can’t go wrong by paying close attention to the details. After all, the package you choose for your product may just be one of the biggest factors in making your product a success. In the following, we present a list of things that will help you to choose the right package to set your product apart on the shelf.


      1. Customizing the right size:

        Product size is the most critical factor in figuring out the box size. If your product comes in several sizes, make sure you select packaging that is customized for each size. There is no reason to put the smallest version of a product in the larger size box. If you have no ideas for suitable box size, pls contact us and tell us the size of your products, we will work it out.


      2. Finding the right material:

       Your material packaging options are endless, but you need to determine which is going to prove to be the best match for your product’s distribution and overall weight. These are the most common materials:

       2.1 paperboard:

      Coated white chipboard used for folding cartons trays and sleeves. This lightweight material yields excellent printing results. It’s best when used for food, dairy, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, hardware items, and retail products. For more details pls click Type of folding box.


      2.2 corrugated paper:

      A board composed of paperboard with fluted medium paper laminated to it. It is sturdy yet flexible. It’s ideal for produce, fragile and/or heavy items, subscription boxes, shipping boxes, and e-commerce packages. For more details pls click Type of corrugated paper.


      2.3 cardboard:

      One of the more expensive packaging options, rigid boxes bring an air of luxury to your product, thanks to their top-quality construction. Unlike any other packaging, rigid boxes are structured with decorative specialty paper precisely wrapped around cardboard and each board is hand glued together to create a box. You will typically find these boxes housing board games, smartphones, and other luxury goods since they are incredibly sturdy. For more details pls click Type of rigid paper box.


      Though rigid boxes are one of the more expensive options out there, they provide the perception of value to whatever they hold. Because of their quality construction and gift-like feel, customers tend to hold onto the boxes for storage or even as a decorative element in their homes.


      3. Locating the right style:

        There is a wide range of packaging styles, with each made to hold specific products, especially in the custom packaging world. One of the most important things to remember when choosing the right custom product packaging is to understand your target audience. Packages for children’s products should be cartoon and interesting, for women’s one should be glamorous while for men’s one should be simple.


      Companies across a wide variety of industries are using custom packaging as an innovative way to add a distinct touch to their products, particularly products that look similar from manufacturer to manufacture. Choosing the right packaging for your product can be a tough decision. But the good news is that there are a lot of options to choose from. All of our packaging solutions and designs can be completely customized to fit both your product and your brand. Contact us and tell us your ideas, we will let them come true.


2022/1/7 by Jessie

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