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Types of Folding Box

April 25, 2021

Latest company case about Types of Folding Box

      Folding boxes have been a staple in the packaging product all the world for decades, and rightfully so. Not only because they are affordable and easy to assemble, but also they make your products look much better than before. The most important thing is that folding boxes are versatile and even work great in every industry. No matter what type of product you are shipping, a folding box can probably help to promote and protect it. Although there are many other types of boxes available, you will never go wrong with this basic box. Of cause, folding boxes have several types in shape or structure, in this passage, we are outlining the 6 most common types of them for you to learn and choose from.


      1. Straight and reverse tuck box
         Two of the most common boxes are straight and reverse tuck. The straight tuck essentially means that the flaps on the top and bottom of the carton fold in the same direction. On the other hand, the reverse tuck is similar to the straight tuck, except the flaps fold in opposite directions. From the aspect of material cost, the reverse tuck box will save more paper material, thus the final price will be lower. From the aspect of out looking, the straight tuck box will look better because you can not see the seam from the front side.



      2. Lock bottom box
         Companies that have heavier or bulkier items, such as candles or cosmetic products, often choose a lock bottom box for strength. There are variations of the lock bottom box, but they’ll typically have a bottom that remains sealed by flaps that lock together. This mechanism forms a stronger base.


      3. Seal End Boxes
         Similar to the lock bottom box, a sealed end is an even stronger carton that ensures product safety. Seal end cartons remain sealed using an adhesive. These cartons are most common for products that must be sealed at the time of purchase. Some examples include cereal, cookies, pet treats, and cleaning supplies.


     4. Tuck and Tongue box
         This style is generally assembled, filled, and sealed manually. Also like the lock, the tuck and tongue box is designed to withstand rough handling without disengaging.


      5. Hanger Box
         Looking for a great way to help your favorite store save shelf space? Shipping individual items or smaller batches to stores or customers? A hanger box is a super-convenient option, which closes at one end and then has a small hook space at the other, so it can hang from metal rods in stores. Ideal for small pieces of technology, tools, and even some cosmetics!


      6. Pillow Box

         The following is a unique shape and is used for custom cosmetic boxes, custom food boxes (custom candy boxes), and custom retail boxes.

      Now you have known the different styles and uses of some of the common folding boxes. you and your team can evaluate which type will best serve your needs. All of our boxes are fully customizable, and your products deserve to have great packaging. Surprise your customers with boxes decorated with your logo, brand colors, and themed designs instead of giving them just a regular plain box.

2021.4.23 by Jessie

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