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Choose the material of the paper tubes

June 1, 2021

Latest company case about Choose the material of the paper tubes

      Paper tube packaging is becoming popular globally. It is being used by most leading brands and can dominate the packaging industry in the future. The cardboard tubes are made from recycled Kraft paper, so the natural color of the tubes is brown Kraft, but we can wrap different color paper onto the tube surface to make colorful tube packaging, on both inside and outside. The following will show you 6 common paper materials of the paper tube.


      1. Kraft paper

      Kraft paper has environmental protection, recycling, cost-saving, and other characteristics, with the entire international market on the packaging environmental protection requirements are increasing, Kraft paper with high strength, environmental protection, etc. property, has become the preferred material for Kraft paper box packaging. There are two colors of kraft paper: brown and white. Ordinary brown Kraft paper is generally made of wood pulp. White Kraft paper is made of bleaching wood pulp.


      2. Art paper, or coated paper

      The white art paper is the most used if you want to print a full-color artwork, just like they are used to wrap on other gift boxes packaging because art paper is the best suitable paper for printing to get quality printing result.



      3. Gold paper

      Glitter gold things always give people a sense of nobility and can quickly catch people's eyes, to wrap your paper tube with gold card paper, so that customers can immediately notice your products. It is a good choice for cosmetic products.



      4. Silver paper

      Silver is a popular choice for crafters and dazzlers of all varieties, as it offers an eye-catching, upscale feel that makes everything it touches feel extra-special. The attention-grabbing appeal of silver also makes it excellent for business and marketing use.



      5. Specialty paper

      Specialty paper is the paper embossed with a specific grain on the surface so that ordinary paper has characteristics. Specialty paper tubes innovate the sense of touch of ordinary paper tubes.



      6. Aluminum foil paper inside liner

      Paper tubes are being widely used in the food industry too. Our food-grade Aluminum foil paper inside liner is a great inside liner option for food products going directly into the paper tube package. It is the most air-resistant of our food-grade liner options, should an air barrier be a concern for your product. These liners do not react with the packaged food on contact. It helps to prevent contamination of the packaged food and ensures it is fresh and fit for human consumption for longer.



      Paper tubes are eco-friendly packaging materials. They have a lower carbon footprint than plastic. They can also be easily recycled and do not contribute to toxic waste like plastic. They are also lightweight which allows more products to be shipped with the same fuel. This further reduces its carbon footprint.

      If you want to learn more about our paper tubes, you can read passages before. About tube types and accessories, please read Types of the paper tubes; about printing and finish, please read Printing Options and Finish Options.

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