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The usage of the E-flute corrugated box

November 8, 2021

Latest company case about The usage of the E-flute corrugated box

      We can see corrugated boxes everywhere in our life because of their unique properties, which make them ideal for packaging. Corrugated cardboard is shock-proof and recyclable. Corrugated paper material can carry a wide range of products of different weights and sizes. It can protect products against moisture and crush during shipping.


  • What is Corrugated Cardboard?

      Corrugated cardboard is made up of layered, arched paper created with a process called “fluting.”

      During manufacturing, a stiff, fluted layer of paper is sandwiched between two outer layers. Thickness can range from a single sheet at 0.25 mm to heavy-duty double wallboard at 7.9 mm thick. Common flute sizes are "A", "B", "C", "E" and "F" or micro flute.


  • Here is the chart of the thickness of different flutes of corrugated paper:


      We can print directly on the surface of the corrugated box to make it a pretty packaging box for the products. Then, the products do not need extra boxes to pack them. This article will introduce the most commonly used E flute in daily corrugated retail packages, and help you to choose the most suitable package in NSWprint.


      The E-flute box has a very thin construction, then it can save more storage space and has crushes resistance. Type E Corrugated boxes are commonly used in the packaging of consumer goods, displays, and retail box and food products.



     1. Corrugated display box


      A corrugated display box is an ideal way to launch your product in a cost-effective way. These lightweight display boxes are ideal for sale opportunities in many retail locations. These display boxes can be custom designed with various printing methods to hold almost any products to launch into any convenience store, pharmacy, or grocery store environment.


     2. Corrugated tuck box

      Corrugated tuck boxes usually match the lock bottom or tongue. Lock bottom typically has a bottom that remains sealed by flaps that lock together. This mechanism forms a stronger base. While the tuck and tongue box is designed to withstand rough handling without disengaging. Often used by companies that have heavier or bulkier items, such as candles, cosmetic products, or bottles.


     3. Corrugated mailer box

      Corrugated mailer boxes can be folded up using their own slot without any glue, and are easy to fold. They allow you to create a professional appearance when shipping your products. Used for a variety of packages including chocolate, clothing, candles, pet foods, and gifts products. Why is it called the mailer box, because it is very strong to mail any products inside the box? If your product is heavy and big, we can use B-flute to make it as well.


      At NSWprint, we can offer a wide variety of corrugated cardboard packaging as well as corrugated boxes for shipping. From small gift boxes to retail boxes, and strong shipping boxes, we customize a corrugated box to fit your every shipping or packing need. And also, we can print your logo and image both outside and inside. Visit our website today to find solutions for all your shipping and packing needs.

2021/11/8 by Jessie

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