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What is the file format to print?

February 23, 2021

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What is the purpose of the file?

Is the file going straight to the printers? Or you just import the file into another file?

You need to make sure of what you need to do first. Because the file format is different based on your purpose.


First, if your file is going straight to the printers.

The best file format is PDF. Also, the AI, PSD, CDR should also workable.


Files imported to another file.

In this case, there are 2 categories: Vectors and Bitmaps.

Here is a picture to help better and sample understand the difference between them.


For vector files, it is better to save vector artwork in an EPS, PDF, or AI format.

Even at 300dpi, the PFD and EPS format are much better than TIF and JPEG format(see below picture).


For Bitmap files, you can use the TIFF, PSD, and JPEG format.

The TIFF and PSD formats are better because they don’t lose any quality. The JPEG format normally loses quality but it can save a lot of space on your computer. The TIFF and PSD formats are better options. But if you are supplied with JPEG format, you don’t need to transfer them into TIFF or PSD format because you will get nothing by doing it. In addition, the JPEG format can not handle the spot colors. Thus, the JPEG format can not save the Pantone color and it will convert the Pantone color into a CMYK value. Also, the white space in between the red lines on the JPEG format is filled with a very subtle yellow/grey tint. It is because of the compression(see below picture).



2021.2.23  by Damon

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