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3 Types of the paper tubes

March 22, 2021

Latest company case about 3 Types of the paper tubes

      Paper tube packaging is gaining popularity in the business world. It is light, easy to transport, environment-friendly, and used by various industries such as food and cosmetics. Paper tubes made of recycled paper are also getting traction, thanks to their focus on saving trees and reducing solid waste.

      In the packaging field, paper tube packaging can be used for cosmetic products like perfumery, diffuser, lip-sticks. Also, it can be used to pack food products like wine, snacks, chocolates, powder and collagen bags, and so on. Its fancy look can catch more consumers and be outstanding along the shelf.

      To have your own branded paper tubes, It's important to know some tube basic knowledge before you go ahead to select a cardboard tube packaging to pack your products, a suitable packaging style will enhance the competition and attractiveness of your products.

      Here are the paper tubes styles:


     1. Two-piece telescoping tubes provide excellent visual presentation opportunities for your custom retail packaging materials. The larger diameter “outer” tube can function as a short cap providing a unique specialty packaging look to your package.

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      2. Three-piece telescoping tubes are also known as “full telescopes.” They can also have more than three tubes. Telescoping tubes provide strength with dual wall construction. These tubes can be used as eco-friendly secondary packaging for a variety of retail products to create a high-end presentation to consumers. They also provide products with superior protection from breakage and crushing during transit to retail stores.

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      3. Composite packaging tubes consist of a tube body made from 100% recycled paper, sealed with plastic plugs, metal plugs, or metal ring and plug friction closures. Eye-catching composite tubes add value to your products, improving shelf presence and achieving maximum consumer appeal.


      3.1 Plastic plugs can be used as friction fit closures on both ends of tubes. Plastic end plugs are not food grade and are not recommended for direct food contact. If food grade is a concern, a metal end plug is strongly recommended.

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      3.2 The metal plug end is a food-grade-rated end closure that fits snugly into the interior of the package, providing a tight friction fit. The recyclable metal plug serves to reseal the package after each use and does not require additional equipment post-fill. When compared with other food-grade end closure options, the metal plug is available in smaller quantities, which can serve to reduce overall packaging costs.

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      3.3 Metal ring and plug friction closures make excellent food-grade packaging solutions for drink mix powders and powdered food products.

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      As a professional custom cardboard cylinder tube box packaging manufacturer, we provide many customization options from tube structure, tube lid, tube insert, to tube printing and finish for different packing requirements, you are able to easily notice the difference and find the best custom tube option for your application packing.

2021.3.22 by Jessie

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