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Types of corrugated paper

December 27, 2021

Latest company case about Types of corrugated paper

      Corrugated cardboard is a sturdy packaging material made of three layers of kraft paper. It’s named for the interior layer of wavy paper, also called the corrugated medium, which gives the cardboard its strength. During manufacturing, the inner sheet is put through the corrugation process to create flutes or stiff folds in the paper. The corrugated medium is then glued in between two sheets of kraft paper, which form the exterior liners.


      Thanks to the three-layer structure, corrugated cardboard is much stronger than regular cardboard. This cardboard fluting construction also plays an integral role in protecting items during transportation and preventing damages. The curved arches created by these flutes make boards durable and resist pressure applied from any angle.


      A corrugated board can be created with several different flute profiles. The five most common flute profiles are:


A-Flute: Appx 33 flutes per foot and measures 5mm thickness; original corrugated flute design.
B-Flute: Appx 47 flutes per foot and measures 3mm thickness.
C-Flute: Appx 39 flutes per foot and measures 4mm thickness; common for shipping cartons.


E-Flute: Appx 90 flutes per foot and measures 1.5mm thickness. It’s very easy to fold and is excellent for printing. It’s used as the primary packaging for retail boxes in many industries. To learn more details of the E-flute paper box pls click the former passage The usage of E-flute corrugated paper boxes.

F-Flute: Appx 125 flutes per foot and measures 0.6mm thickness. It also allows an excellent surface for printing. for small retail packaging but not suitable for big size boxes.


      Generally speaking, the larger the flute size, the more cushioning and compression resistance it offers. Like A, B, and C flute, commonly used in the shipping cartons. While the smallest flute sizes like E and F can offer greater strength and structural integrity instead of standard folding carton boxes, usually used in retail boxes.


      Different flute profiles can be combined in one piece of combined board, that is Double-Wall—much more resistant to breaking when stacked. This type of corrugated is commonly used for larger industrial containers or heavier objects. Some common double-wall flutes are EB (4.5mm thickness) and BC (7mm thickness).


      Corrugated cardboard is the material of choice for anyone that needs to ship or package products. Now that you have an understanding of the types of corrugated boxes and fluting sizes, you can choose the corrugated cardboard that's best for your business.

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