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Types of Paper Bags

March 29, 2021

Latest company case about Types of Paper Bags

      Nowadays, paper bags have become the latest trend all over the world for various purposes like carrying things, packaging, brand publicity and etc. This popularity is not only because of the environmentally friendly option, but it has the power to allow more customization as compared to plastic bags.
      These different types of paper bags come in various sizes and shapes according to the needs of the people and the business. And each of the different types of paper bags has its usage. So, let’s explore different types of paper bags used nowadays for varied purposes:


      1. Kraft paper bag refers to unbleached paper fibers. Kraft paper products can be made from recycled materials, or 100% virgin pulp (directly from the tree). Products from Kraft paper such as Kraft bags are often more environmentally friendly. Kraft paper bags are suitable for products that are rustic, handmade, vintage, giving a sense of familiarity and closeness.



     2. Paper shopping bag is made from coated paper(150-250gsm weight). Offset printed paper bags come with glossy lamination, thus the paper bags can be durable and reusable. The lamination provides strength, robustness, and flexibility to these paper shopping bags and makes the paper bags folding easily. These custom paper bags can be seen in bakery shops, sunglasses retail and apparel shops, and jewelry shops. Moreover, cosmetics and various other supermarkets and stores confirm their widespread usage. This huge demand also gives insurance for their durability and reliability.



      3. Paper gift bag is suitable for some occasion like birthday party, any festivals and other special events. The paper gift bag is usually small-sized paper bags. And it can be made from kraft paper or coated paper. Many jewelry stores and candy/chocolate shops love to have their brand gift bags so that their brand can be known by more people. If your branded gift bag looks fancier than others, it can bring more attention to the market.



      After talking about the style of the paper bags, we will talk about the handle material of the paper bags.


      1. Ribbon is remarkably soft, making bags feel luxurious while you’re carrying them. Ribbon comes in a variety of colors. These ribbon handles are versatile in their looks and can be made to suit your exact design style. The ribbon handle is perfect for small gift bags. However, they might be not strong enough for larger bags and heavier contents. They’re usually just ordered for carrying smaller, lighter items when the look and the feel are more important than practicality.



      2. Cotton fibers are bound together like rope, creating a handle type that provides the same soft, upscale feel and appearance of ribbon but with far greater strength. Additionally, cotton handles are typically quite thick. Because of this, they won’t be as likely to dig into people’s hands when they’re used to carry heavier loads. For this reason, they are typically used with large laminate bags.



      3. Twisted paper is more economical than both ribbon and cotton since it is machine-made, yet it is still relatively strong. Available as standard in either white or brown – but with multiple other color options available for larger orders – these handles aren’t as luxurious as cotton or ribbon, but they do possess their own natural charm. They are also quick to make – we’re able to deliver an order in just 1 week – and easily recyclable. All of the components are made of paper.



      4. Folded paper is the most natural and minimalistic handle choice. Simply constructed from a length of standard paper folded at the ends and then attached to the bag, these perfectly complement more natural, homespun products, although they may not prove strong enough for carrying larger weights. Like twisted paper handles, they can be easily recycled along with the bag itself.



      With countless advantages, these paper bags are helping the atmosphere to get rid of various harmful toxins and saving marine life from plastic. In addition to that, if you talk about business, it is not merely a paper bag for them, it is an opportunity to make their brand recognized and earn handsome profit and growth.

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